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Why is the SAT and ACT important?

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SAT refers to the Scholastic Assessment Test and ACT is the American College Testing. Undergraduate applicants have to qualify these tests for college admission and scholarship. These tests are important to study in the United State of America. SAT and ACT have similar content and patterns. Most of the colleges and universities abroad accept SAT scores.

Colleges and universities conduct SAT/ACT several times a year, usually at least four times. There is no negative marking in the evaluation procedure of these tests. This test offers the quickest way to assess students’ competitiveness for higher education in India and abroad. 

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Importance of SAT/ACT:

  • Scopes for higher studies:

SAT/ACT scores reflect the capability and knowledge of students they must have to acquire higher education. Universities and colleges significantly rely on SAT/ACT scores for the admission procedure of students. Test scores show your potency of working hard in covering a huge syllabus in a limited time. These are the perfect scales to assess the learning capability, dedication, and knowledge of the students.

  • Merit-Based Scholarship:

There are many impoverished students, who want to study further but cannot make their wish true due to lack of money and/or unfavorable circumstances. A high score in SAT/ACT can award them with a merit-based scholarship. It is a great opportunity for these students to continue their higher studies in college or universities. Scholarships motivate students to work hard and perform well in their studies.

  • Requirements for State High School Admissions:

There are many state high schools that require SAT score. So, to get admission in reputed and top-grade schools, students have to score well on SAT. Students can show the same SAT score for college or university level admission too.

  • Can be added to job prospectus

Education is the real wealth of life that pays you everywhere. To experience a dignified and good quality of life, one must have a prestigious job. Every company or organization wants a well-educated, skillful, and intelligent workforce. Many renowned companies require a standardized test score to know an individual’s capability and knowledge. A good SAT/ACT score helps you become eligible for dignified jobs in renowned companies.

  • Evaluation to get right stream

Every individual is unique with different calibers and interests. Assessment tests help students, parents, and teachers know the right stream for the student, in which they can excel. SAT score evaluates the reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills of students. It helps colleges and universities to decide the right level for the students. SAT/ACT score also helps students to get the right guidance and counseling from education experts. These assessment tests diagnose the areas of difficulty so that they can get quality instructions to improve their scores.

  • Study abroad:

English is a common language of communication in many countries of the world. English reading and writing are parts of the SAT. So, SAT/ACT is important to get admission to foreign universities and colleges. SAT preparation improves the linguistic skills of students. It helps in developing good communication skills for students out of the USA as well.


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