1 on 1 Online Coding Classes For Kids & Teens.

Computer Programming has always been perceived as one of the most complex topics, at times which even end up giving nightmares of unsolved logics.

Vnaya knows all about these kind of struggles and thus offers the requisite help for kids to get proficient in coding languages by enhancing their logical and analytical abilities, clealy focusing on fundamental of coding.

This in turn sparks interest among kids to keenly learn and who knows someday they might pick it up as their major career choice.

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Choose a customised computer programming plan for your kids.

Sign up for Quarterly or 6-months plans suiting your specific need for kids among three levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, beginning with a free 1-hour trial class.


Start with one-on-one live personalization sessions.

Begin an integrated learning process with a one-on-one live personalized session of different programming languages, along with numerous fun activities for your kids.


Evaluate and assess.

We conduct bi-monthly tests of computer coding for kids to help them pull up in their particular areas of improvement through formatted Progress Reports.

Vnaya- One Stop Solution To Help Your Kids Aspire Future In Coding & Development!

Whatever programming concepts you ‘d like your kids to learn, we’ve got it all. We work on improving the coding basics of your kids, polishing their logical and analytical skills, making them look forward to a bright future in app development.

C, C++

C and C++ are the basic programming languages. Vnaya offers classes in computer programming for teens and pre teens to get started!

Loops, Sequence

C and C++ are the basic programming languages. Vnaya offers classes in computer programming for teens and pre teens to get started!

Algorithm Debugging

As your kids immerse deeper in programming, the concept of algorithm debugging takes over. Though they might feel the toll in the beginning, Because of our expertise in learning methodology as well as expertise in subject know how, children start to enjoy taking challenges as they emerge strongly over these barriers.

Decision structure, NLP

Are your kids facing problems in decision structure & NLP? The experts at Vnaya are well proficient and will help your kids get thorough all such concepts with ease.

Space simulation & Robotics

The ideas related to space simulation and robotics might excite your kids but understanding it is entirely another thing. Regular sessions of computer programming for children with Vnaya help them get command on all such concepts.

Logic Structures, Events, Game & Art Lab UI/UX App

With regular practice of logic structures and events at Vnaya, the child would be able to create even the most complicated logics in few minutes

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