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5 Reasons Why it’s Still Worthwhile to Take the SAT

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We keep on studying and learning as a continuous process. But unfortunately, we don’t focus enough on evaluating ourselves to know how much we have learned yet. Taking tests and exams is one way to evaluate oneself, our knowledge, and our understanding of any subject or topic. Most students are reluctant to take tests, worrying about the results. Instead, they should take it as a challenge to ascertain how much they are capable of and how much they need to improve to become good at academics and get a great score that could take them to college.

One such test that is essential is the SAT. Students tend to consider SAT to be stressful as well as boring. But what they don’t see is the great advantages that come along with this test. But kids are ignoring SAT now more than ever, the reason being that most colleges have made it optional to take SAT. This has proved to be one less reason for kids to take the test. But from our viewpoint, taking SAT is still highly worth it. Here we have pointed out some reasons that will make you believe that taking SAT is worthwhile.

  1. Scholarships for high scorers

We cannot forget that the high scorers on SAT are always highly appreciated. They are provided with scholarships they deserve for all the hard work they have done to score well on the test. Colleges tend to provide financial aid based on merit to top scorers of the test and thus the ones who are highly capable can study in the college of their choice, without worrying much about the expense.

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Even if the college keeps SAT as optional, they might still be offering scholarships to financially aid the highly capable students. No good college would want to miss out on top scholars and thus they would offer any appreciable scholarship to make the worthy kids stay.

  1. Most good colleges would ask for scores

Due to the pandemic, some colleges have made it optional to take the SAT. Hence, students these days are ignoring this option. But it is important to look at a wider angle and consider this as a way to evaluate your studies. It is also important to note that as the situation improves, colleges may make it compulsory to take the SAT again. So even though it is temporarily optional, it is a great way to showcase how good you are in your academic field.

Standardized test scores are still significant for colleges as a part of their application process. And to see if the student is worth studying in their college, they would like to see SAT or ACT scores. Not giving these tests can prove to be a miss on the opportunity of studying in a nice and reputable college.

  1. Some jobs ask for test scores

It’s not just about the college; it is also about what you are going to do after that. We all go to the best college with the idea of getting a nice job at a reputable firm. Even if you get through college without being asked for your SAT score, what if you are at a job interview and you are being asked for your SAT score? Not giving SAT will be a major drawback on your resume in that case.

Some high-profile firms care a lot about who’s working in their firm and thus they always try to hire the ones who have always academically excelled. Considering this, there is no better way to prove your academic success apart from SAT scores. So taking SAT might not be something you need to get into college for now, but it will act as a strong point while you sit in an interview room.

  1. SAT can be a better option than ACT

When it is about taking tests to get into college, SAT and ACT are the most talked about. But if you are trying to ignore SAT then you must know that many reasons would make SAT a better option for you. SAT doesn’t have a science section which makes it a little easier than ACT. Also, SAT has fewer math topics making it easier to prepare for it and crack it with a good score.

SAT is a great way to demonstrate the hard work you have put into school. Good scores on SAT can be life-changing for you, helping to get a good college and a nice job. Don’t miss out on these tests and make them count.


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