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How to Deal with Pressure and Anxiety during SAT Preparation

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Students these days might not get worried about serious world problems, but what makes them nervous the most is the approaching SAT exam. The anxiety they face during the preparation time for SAT can be considered worse than normal jitters. And the thing is there is nothing abnormal about this nervousness and anxiety. We can say that it is part of the process. But with all that anxiety, they should know the best way to handle it so they can focus more on the preparation.

While all this anxiety and pressure is normal during exam time, you should ensure that your kids are aware of methods that could help them to handle this pressure. Here we have given some proven tips that could help students handle their anxiety and properly prepare for the SAT exam.

  1. Create a Plan for Test-Taking

When you plan to buy books and collect study material for the preparation, ensure you take a step back and evaluate what your test-taking plan would exactly be. Creating a plan would help you understand how you are going to solve questions and how much time you are going to spend on each one, so you can be able to finish the exam within time. Creating a plan beforehand would prep you up for what exam to expect and strategizing the right means to take it.

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  1. Study Dedicatedly

It is normal to feel the pressure and anxiety, but it will all be worth it when you score well in your exam. So, it is a no-brainer that the key to a good score in the exam is to study hard and with full dedication. This is the time when you would be testing yourself to get over all that anxiety and focus more on the studies. SAT is a kind of exam that won’t be showing any kind of surprises. If you study hard, you will know what kind of questions you are going to face and you’ll already be prepared for it. You just need to prepare well, and by that, it means that you should be able to identify your weaker sections and work hard to improve them.

  1. Stay Organized

All that anxiety can even get worse when you have everything arranged in a mess. This might lead to more stress when you won’t be able to find the right study material in all that mess. So, instead of wasting time struggling, before you start preparation, devote some time to organizing your study area. Arrange all your books, guides, and learning material in the right way. Ensure your study place should be neat and clean. Only a clean and peaceful environment can support the right SAT preparation.

  1. Take Time to Exercise

Although to give SAT, you need to focus more on your studies. But studying all the time might end up exhausting you and keeps building the pressure. Take time to relax and cool off by performing some breathing and physical exercises. It is a known fact that exercising helps to release endorphins in the brain, which are happy hormones and help to reduce the anxiety level. Whenever you feel exhausted and stressed, take some time to go out and relax a bit. It will help cut the stress and you can then again return to your preparation.

  1. Focus on Yourself

Many students get anxious after knowing that their peers have prepared more than them. Well, that’s a completely wrong approach. Looking at others will simply make you worried about your performance. So the better way to study is only to focus on your performance. You should not be thinking about what others are doing. How you are working on your preparation matters the most.

As the SAT approaches, students get more and more worried. But following these tips would help you calm down a bit and focus more on doing better. Anxiety is common but that’s not going to help you. What you need is to build confidence and believe that you have done your best in terms of preparations. If you are dedicatedly prepared for the exam, you’ll definitely score well.

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