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Must try summer science activities for kids

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# Activity 1: Square bubble

How to do it: All you need is a straw or pipe cleaners, and make a square frame from it like shown in figure 1. Dip your square frame in soap solution, and gently take it out and observe the bubble.

# Activity 2:  Pen ink experiment

How to do it: Take some water in a dish and put a drop of pen ink by blowing from the other or opposite side of the refill and then see the magic, it makes a good looking flower

# Activity 3: Fire has no shadow

How to do it: Take a candle and light it up and then keep it in the dark room in front of the wall. Then turn on the touch in the direction of candle and you will observe that there is a shadow of candle on the wall but not of fire because fire itself is a source of light and light has no shadow.

Activity 4Learn the concept of convention by using candles.

How to do it: Take a candle and light it up, perform this experiment in the presence of parents. Now, keep one hand above the flame and one hand on the side of the flame. Do your hands feel equally hot? No, it’s because the air towards the top, gets heated by convection. Therefore, the hand that you kept above the flame will be feeling some warmness. Furthermore, on the sides, there is no convection, and air does not feel as warm as at the top.

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# Activity 5: DIY Lungs

How to do it: Take a plastic bottle (make sure it should be wide enough so that balloons can expand easily) and remove the bottom of the bottle carefully (take the help of an adult in cutting the bottle). Get a Y-shaped plastic tube. Make a hole in the lid by using a knife, a big enough, that the tube can pass through it. To the forked end of the tube tie deflated balloon on each side of the tube as shown in figure 4. Now cap the bottle. Seal it to make it airtight. To the open base of the bottle tie a thin rubber or a deflated balloon using a large rubber band.

To understand how lungs expand, pull the rubber sheet from the base in the downward direction and watch the balloons as the air gets filled up in the balloons. Next, push the rubber/plastic sheet up and observe the balloons as the air inside the lungs gets exhaled.


# Activity 6: Making up a sand volcano

How to do it: All we need an empty container or cut the plastic bottle into half and use the bottom part, sand, 2 spoon of baking soda, 1 spoon washing liquid, few drops of red and yellow food colouring, and 30 ml vinegar. Put the sand around the bottle by making a mountain. Add baking soda, along with washing liquid and food colours within the quantities written above. Finally, add vinegar and see the eruption from the mountain you made.

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