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When it comes to taking the SAT/ACT exam, it is often advised nay preferred that students who take the SAT/ACT in the summer months have an advantage over those students who take the SAT/ACT exam in the fall. With college applications beginning in the fall, between the added stress of finding a good college that fits your needs and giving the SAT/ACT in the same months, it can prove to be an added source of stress for the students. Although the students are eligible to give their SAT/ACT exam whenever they want (March, May, August, October, and December), there are added benefits of taking the SAT/ACT in the summer.                                                                                                                             

We will take you through the benefits of taking the SAT/ACT in the summer. They are enumerated as follows:-

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  1. Last chance for boosting scores:- Earlier the latest dates for SAT/ACT exam used to be around September and October. Those seniors who used to hope for a last-minute chance to boost their test score before applying to a college, could not do so as the applications came due in the fall itself. This is no longer the case anymore as summer dates have arrived; they have been able to afford a chance to seniors so that they can boost their test scores. Also, students no longer have to worry about the test results being late as the results of summer tests are announced in due time so that students can meet even the earliest deadlines of college applications.

  2. Sole focus on SAT/ACT prep:- Let’s be honest, summer is the only time in the school year where you can make your SAT/ACT prep the sole focus of your studies. As summer begins, you do not have to adjust your homework schedule, extracurricular activities, group projects, or anything else that requires your immediate attention. Summer really gives you some really needed downtime and a period of introspection where you can totally devote all your time towards your ACT/SAT prep. It can be stressful to study for the SAT/ACT exam during the school term. It sometimes happens that students end up compromising on both school marks and SAT/ACT scores as they have to juggle both during the school term.

  3. No worries about conflicting exam dates:- Taking the ACT/SAT exam during the summer may be the best decision you ever made. One of the main reasons is that there will be conflict in the exam dates of your various exams. You no longer have to worry about the clash between your ACT/SAT exam date and your school term papers. If all of your exams will be held in the same month or one preceding the other, you will be taking on work and tremendous pressure of these equally important exams. It is hereby advised to students to work smarter, not harder.

  4. Enough time to retake the test:- If you are not satisfied with the results of your SAT or ACT exam that you took in the summer, you can always apply to retake the test in the following months. This is the reason taking your ACT/SAT exam in the summer can turn out to be a blessing in turn. When you take your SAT or ACT exam in the summer it will leave room for you to retake the test if you want to. College admissions are a competitive sport, only the best get in. Therefore, ensure that you have an admissible score in your hands before applying to your dream college.


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