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Classes For Kids & Teens.

Computer Programming has long been regarded as one of the most complex topics, sometimes leading to unrealistic nightmares. Vnaya knows all about these types of struggles and thus provides the necessary support for children to acquire coding skills by developing their rational and analytical skills, obviously focusing on basic coding. This also arouses interest among children to study diligently and who knows what they may one day consider as their primary career choice.

Starting from $699.99 / Quarterly | Total 36 Classes (3 classes per week).

Watch Your Kids Become Able App Developers – Time To Hold Hands With Vnaya!


Choose a customised computer programming plan for your kids.

Sign up for Quarterly or 6-months plans suiting your specific need for kids among three levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, beginning with a free 1-hour trial class.


Start with one-on-one live personalization sessions.

Begin an integrated learning process with a one-on-one live personalized session of different programming languages, along with numerous fun activities for your kids.


Evaluate and assess.

We conduct bi-monthly tests of computer coding for kids to help them pull up in their particular areas of improvement through formatted Progress Reports.

Vnaya- One Step Solution to Help Your Kids Aspire Future in Coding & Development!

Whatever programming concepts you ‘d like your kids to learn, we’ve got it all. We work on improving the coding basics of your kids, polishing their logical and analytical skills, making them look forward to a bright future in app development.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML, CSS and JavaScript helps the student to learn about how everything looks on computer and how student able to make their own webpages or website.

Java, Python, C, C++

Java, Python, C and C++ helps the student to learn how backend works with frontend. It helps the students to learn about logics, loops, conditions and sequence.


Robotics might excite your kids but understanding it is entirely different thing. Regular sessions of coding for children with Vnaya help them get command on all Artificial Intelligence.

Art Lab UI/UX app

With regular practice of coding in UI/UX app structures at Vnaya, the child would be able to create even the most complicated logics in few minutes.


Scratch is block based coding helps the kids to make their own creative games and stories.

Automation Software Testing

It helps the youngers to make their futures in IT field and earn good amount of money.

Student’s Projects

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