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Why The Elementary Technology Conference Is So Special

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The Elementary Technology Conference (ETech) is a conference where elementary and K-12 students come together to learn about the new technologies.

There are two types of ETech:

  1. The one-day conference is held in summer or spring. These E-tech brings together around 300 students from all over the country who might not otherwise meet until college. Students are divided into small groups according to the grade and are asked to solve problems using diverse technology tools such as Minecraft, Legos, Scratch, 3D Printers, and more.

  2. The two-day conference is held in autumn or winter. After attending the one-day ETech, students and teachers come together for a two-day event to learn about the technologies they didn't get to see during the one-day event. Each of these events offers three tracks (math/science, humanities/arts, and engineering) that allow the attendees to choose based on their interests.

ETech is free of cost for the participating schools and students' families. All of the funds that pay for the conference are made from donations and sponsorships. There are many ways to become involved with an ETech, including donating money, tickets for students, and refreshment for students.

Several schools around the country host ETechs yearly without even knowing about each other, even more so than a school throughout the entire country.

This is due to the nature of ETech and how they are set up: each event is run by its own organizer who organizes it on his or her own.

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What is the importance of holding an elementary school conference?

The importance of holding an elementary school conference is that it speaks to the need for educators to collaborate and encourage innovation in learning. In a recent study conducted by GoLocalProv, only 37 percent of North Carolina public schools offer technology-related courses because most teachers feel they already know enough about computers. These studies show how unaware educators are about the computer world, and how slowly we are moving towards 21st-century skills.

In addition to being a place for students to spend quality time together, ETechs also enhance their learning experience through collaboration or problem-solving. ETech has technology-based activities that allow students to work together around common issues. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students or even teachers that they would not be able to meet in their daily lives.

What are the components of an elementary technology conference?

An elementary technology conference has three components: the host, the attendees, and the activities. The host handles setting up of all the activities throughout the day. He or she must ensure that all of the technology is working before each activity and throughout each session in general. He or she will also decide on how long each activity will be for and how many students should attend each one so that everyone has an equal chance for success.

The attendees are the students and teachers that pay to attend the conference. As mentioned before, each event is run by an independent organizer regardless of where it is held.

Other than any events that the organizer has planned (activities), students and teachers have free time to socialize with each other or do whatever they want. Sometimes there are organized activities for students, but most times they are on their own.

Lastly, the activities are what make the technology conference for elementary students. These activities can range from teaching a coding language to getting them excited about science with projects based around Legos or 3D printers.

What are the main goals of an elementary technology conference?

The main goal of an elementary technology conference is to teach students about technology and how it could be used to benefit them in the future. These conferences help students become interested in a specific area of technology, which they would not necessarily have the chance to do otherwise.

The other goals of these conferences are to build confidence in young girls and boys, assist teachers with integrating learning into their classroom through lesson plans and ideas, contact students who attend the conference annually, see how many schools will want to participate, and build relationships with donors and sponsors.

What is the future of elementary technology conferences?

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for elementary technology conferences. There are a few things that we do know: there will always be an audience for learning about computer technology, and there will always be an opportunity for students to gain experience in this field.

However, the future of these events depends on how much time educators devote to them and how interested they are in doing so. If they are interested, then they will probably continue; if not, then it could end up being a thing of the past after a while, or it could thrive with more support from teachers who would like to see their students succeed in new technologies.

What is the impact of an elementary technology conference?

The impact of an elementary technology conference is both social and educational. By allowing students to come together and work on problems, they become more aware of the world around them. Also, it shows them that anything is possible if they believe in themselves. Further, it also provides students with a safe environment where they can make mistakes and not feel embarrassed or judged because of who they are or because they do not know how to use a computer (although this could be viewed as both positive and negative).

What are the barriers to an elementary technology conference?

  • One major barrier that stands in the way of holding these conferences regularly is funding. The lack of funding is what led to the decline of these events. It is the reason why many schools had to stop hosting ETechs because their coordinators could not afford them anymore.

  • Another barrier is the lack of communication between schools that run them. If there were better communication, ETechs would be better publicized and have more students at their events. It also might be a challenge to create a conference that will satisfy all of the attendees while still being affordable and fun for everyone involved.

What does an individual get out of participating in an elementary technology conference?

Participating in an elementary technology conference allows students to build confidence in themselves by learning things that they never thought they could learn before. It helps them to think outside of the box and gives them the ability to be independent thinkers.

Community service is also an optional activity that students can participate in at these conferences. Students learn that they can make a difference in the world, which will help them to feel good about themselves.

Students also gain leadership skills because they must take responsibility for all of the things going on during the conference including setting up and taking down after each event.

These services are not offered by public schools but are easy to offer at technology conferences if you have connections with companies such as Apple, IBM, etc.


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