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Why is it a good idea to teach kids code?

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The answer to this question is rather a simple one: If we want children to succeed when they grow up, they must learn how to code. Not only coders are in high demand these days, learning how to code at an early age will set up your child for academic success. The workforce these days demands critical thinkers and problem solvers, and the people who master these two quality from the beginning of their learning days can end up getting high-paying jobs or even go ahead to establish their own businesses. So the message here is simple: The sooner your kids learn how to code, the better are their chances to succeed.

What is Coding?

Coding, to put it simply, is the skill of talking with computers. Through code, you can command your computer to perform various functions at the click of a button. It is through code that we get to use software and applications on our computers and our smartphones. Best thing that happened through code? Video Games. Video games will totally get your kids interested in code as once they learn it, they will be able to design their own video games.

How can kids learn to Code?

There are various techniques through which kids, as young as five can begin their journey of learning how to code. They are listed below:-

  1. Unplugged activities: If as a parent you are worried about your kids’ exposure to computer screens, then your kid can learn how to code without a computer as well. How? Through coding toys and games. These toys and games are specifically made for young children to learn coding through an alternative method. Playing with these toys is fun and your kids always get to learn something from them. You can easily find coding toys on the internet.

  2. Start small: If your kid is interested in learning code, try the start small technique. So, in this technique you begin code classes for just an hour and then you stop. Gradually you can increase the screen time for your kids if they are interested, but exercise caution and review what they are working on.

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Why is it a good idea to teach kids code?

The reasons for learning how to code are multiple. Let’s review why kids must learn how to code:

  1. Programmers are problem-solvers:- When kids learn the art of computers and coding, they begin to appreciate the importance of why things work as they do. It teaches them to incorporate their ideas into a concise and meaningful form. Whenever they are faced with a difficulty, they learn how to solve it through application of logical thinking and mathematics. This trait comes in handy generally in life as well.

  2. Code helps develop resilience:- When a code does not work, you have to do it again and again till it works. This develops the habit of not giving up when things don’t go your way in life as well. When children learn the trait of resilience, they will also not give up after any challenges that might come their way when they become adults.

  3. It teaches how to think:- Steve Jobs used to say that “A computer is a bicycle for the mind”. When kids learn how to code, it teaches them how to apply their minds in a constructive way.

  4. Code inspires children to be creative:- Coding challenges children to think outside the box and build something new. They get a chance to be creative and design something entirely out of their own minds.

  5. Coding is the future:- As discussed earlier, there is growing demand for coders in the workforce. With everything going digital, it is safe to say that coding is the future.


The bottom line is, if you have a child, give them an opportunity to get acquainted with coding and technology. This will totally give them an advantage in life later on. If you keep them on pace with the changing times, they are most likely to succeed in their lives.

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