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STAAR refers to State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. It is a Texas state student testing program for the annual assessment of students. STAAR program measures the performance of students and assesses their readiness to step up to the next academic level.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas suspended STAAR for 2019 and 2020. But in 2021, State education officials of Texas have decided to conduct the STAAR exam at an authentic and monitored site.

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What are the subjects for the STAAR test?

Texas Education Agency administers STAAR test for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (grades 3-8)
  • Writing (grades 4-7)
  • Science (grades 5-8)
  • Social Science (grade 8)
  • End Of Course assessment for English (1), English (2), Algebra, biology, and U.S History.
  • STAAR English (3) and Algebra (2) are optional assessment tests for districts.

The state will conduct STAAR remotely at the in-person testing center.

What is the importance of conducting the STAAR test?

  • STAAR is an assessment test that measures students learning achievement at each level of their schooling.
  • The motive behind STAAR is to ensure that all students should know and learn what they need to get to the higher academic level.
  • STAAR test is more organized than other standard assessment tests. It will assess student’s performance in the specific subject area.
  • STAAR test also helps teachers to inculcate better teaching methods and teaching styles so that students can perceive effectively and perform better in the test.
  • STAAR scores also improve the overall final grades of students. As STAAR score contributes 15% in each subject area.


What are the areas of assessment in the STAAR test?

STAAR test identifies understanding and analyzing skill of students by assessing:

  • Reading skill and vocabulary development in language subjects:

Classroom learning and group reading practice plays a vital role in developing students’ reading skills and vocabulary.

  • Understanding of content theme and importance in real life:

The way students perceive information and understand it, matters a lot in forming the right concepts.

  • Reading to understand text matter:

Regular reading habit leads to better understanding of the concept.

  • Knowledge of history and socio-culture of the country:

The basic knowledge of the country’s history and its culture is also required.

  • Writing skill:
  • Understanding the basic principles of science:

Knowledge and understanding of scientific phenomena, processes, and principles.

Is STAAR mandatory for high school students?

STAAR end-of-course exam assessment is mandatory for high school students to meet graduation assessment requirements. Although this criterion is applicable at the state level. At district or campus level,however, assessment requirements can vary.

Educational institutes at the state level administer the STAAR exam for the assessment of students’ reading, writing, mathematical skills, and level of their cognition and understanding. Apart from this, the test evaluates teachers’ performance at the school level.

What happens if a student cannot qualify STAAR exam?

STAAR assessment test measures the learning and understanding capability of students from 3rd to high school grades. If a student cannot qualify STAAR test, then the school provides quality instructions by inculcating diverse teaching styles to ensure accomplished learning by the student. Tailored teaching methods help the student to get good scores in the next STAAR test session. In case after two attempts, the student again fails to qualify for the test, then the district can conduct a substitute assessment test. Students cannot get to the next level without qualifying for substitute or alternative assessment tests.

After qualifying for alternate assessment tests, students have to take basic curriculum subjects along with the current grade curriculum.

Tips to Pass the STAAR test:

The motive of the STAAR exam is to bring quality in teaching and learning processes, which are the foundation for an accomplished education. Few considerations will help students to pass the STAAR test with a good score:


  • Since STAAR is a grade-specific test, so students should keep in touch with the previous grade books and study material. STAAR test measures the knowledge and performance of students in the past years.
  • Schedule a study plan with small breaks, it will help a child to release stress and rejuvenate the mind for better perception.
  • Give real-life related examples while teaching science and math subjects. It will help students to understand concepts and retain the same for a long time.
  • The teacher should narrate a story of history and culture that interests students and they will know and understand the subject in a better way.
  • Parents should communicate with teachers to integrate effective teaching styles for students for better learning. The teacher can try out different ways to understand the specific concept.
  • Keep students motivated throughout the learning process. Parents should take care of their physical, emotional, and mental health. So that they can focus on their studies.
  • Switch to an online tutoring platform for quality instructions and study material. They also provide sample tests and practice material based on the STAAR test for better preparation and exceptional results.

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