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What Is the Best Way to Write English Compositions and Essays?

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Writing is an integral part of communication skills. It judges the communication skills, imagination, and thought process of an individual. A fluent writing skill helps to foster the ability to rectify ideas in the best possible way. Writing skill is crucial in students’ life for their emotional development as they can express their ideas and feelings efficiently. English writing skills help students to demonstrate and comprehend complex sentences into a simpler form.

English is a language of literature, science, technology, history, and space. Great ideas, discoveries, and inventions are in English. So, it is crucial to develop flawless English language skills so that students can express their acquired knowledge and understanding appropriately.

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Writing essays and compositions help students to read, write, think and organize ideas in a comprehensible form. Communication is the key to success in the social, academic, and professional fields. A proficient writing skill offers numerous amazing career possibilities in the government and private sector. They need fluent communicators who can transfer their ideas in a convincing way to the world.

Here are some useful tips that help to write English compositions and essays in the best way:

Construct an idea:

Before start writing, get a clear understanding of your topic. Think about different aspects of it and develop an idea. Pay close attention to the topic or the question. Enlist series of ideas and interconnect them in your mind. Students can also research a given idea. The first step of writing a composition or essay should be brainstorming, exploring the content, and planning. This is called the pre-writing stage.

Writing actively:


Write some ideas related to the topic on the papers before approaching the actual topic or final writing. This is freewriting, that eliminates the minor flaws in final writing composition.

Be explorative:

Nobody is going to judge the free writing so students can freely explore their thoughts and opinions here. A free writing draft is the composition of different ideas and research work by students.

Organizing ideas:

After writing a temporary draft, organize the writing pieces in an inductive form which is general to a specific approach of writing. This approach helps readers to understand the concept of the topic better.


Start from the center and write the “title” or phrase on which you have to write. Make your title bold and big.


The first few lines consist of the introduction of the topic. This is in a generalized form.

Main idea:

The best way to write the main idea or main concern of the topic is by writing it in small headings or points. Elaborate each subtitle with crisp-clear writing or by giving relevant examples. Every idea has more specific points or observations.

Start with a honing idea:

Starting the composition with the most exciting and newest idea makes a great impression on readers. So, bring the strongest and most interesting idea in the beginning statements.

Build Connection:

 Different ideas should have a rhythmic flow or connection that is the beauty of the composition or essay. Interconnected ideas make the entire topic more relevant and easier to understand by the readers. Students can use one word or phrase to write main points but use complete and grammatically sound sentences to specify that idea.

Flawless writing:

Students usually write fancy or complex words to impress readers. But academic vocabulary sounds impressive only when a writer has a good command of the language. Write the words and phrases in which students have acquired a good command.

Conclude the idea:

A conclusion is as important as the whole essay. It is the last step of writing an essay that contains an extract of the entire content. It should be concise with great ideas, significance, thought, and inspiration.


Consciously revise the final draft to check sentence and spelling level issues. Proofreading is the final stage that corrects spelling, punctuation, spacing issues, omitted words, and repeated words. It is time to eliminate odd points and add more relevance to the entire topic. This last but most significant step makes the composition of essays flawless and complete.

Acquiring English composition or essay writing skills empowers the students to interact with the world. An impeccable English language skill enables students to score high grades in academic and to excel in the professional field.


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