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Ultimate Safety Guide To Avoiding Covid 19 In College

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It is important for college students to understand the importance of following the protocols in order to stay safe and stop the virus from spreading further. The virus has the tendency to spread easily in communal places where there are people in close contact with one another. Let us face the hard truth i.e. COVID-19 is a deadly and highly contagious virus. This virus tends to spread quickly through contact with infected people. The transmission of the virus can occur through large droplets, by touching the contaminated places, and even through the air. If you are a college student and also if you are heading back to campus then you must be wondering how to avoid the risk of getting this deadly virus. Here is the ultimate guide that can help you in avoiding the spread of coronavirus on the college campus. 

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  • Ensure that you avoid partying at any cost

Let’s just get this fact right that drunk people do not make most of the smart decisions, even in the best of times. So, do you really expect these people to maintain social distance and be six feet away from you? Well, you are probably not going to like this, but just understand and know that parties spread coronavirus, and the best lies in avoiding these parties. There are several examples of people socializing and getting infected at house parties, on beaches, and more such places where people hang out or party. You need to understand that the risk of getting the virus doubles indoors. Little, airborne particles of Covid can infect individuals when they end up waiting noticeable all around, thus turning a home gathering into an infection zone. In a nutshell, ensure that you avoid any of the social gatherings or parties happening on your campus.

  • Ensure that you wear a mask no matter what

The best and all that you can do in order to stop the virus from spreading is that you wear masks. It is really that simple. Masks happen to prevent the spread of infection. As per a joint report in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, it is said that if 80% individuals end up wearing covers, COVID-19 diseases would dive. Thus, make sure that you do not leave your mask hanging on the neck. Make it a point or a habit to wear your mask on your mouth and nose whenever you are in public, especially when you are on your campus. 

  • Follow the norms of social distancing

The concept of social distancing only works if you happen to stay far enough to avoid the droplets when people speak, sneeze, or cough. Being in college is a problem because part of the fun in college is about meeting new people. You meet individuals and become acquainted with them.  This conversation now must happen while maintaining a distance of six feet. This might seem easy to forget especially when you happen to run into an old friend of yours. Make sure that you keep it in mind to follow the protocol or the decorum of maintaining social distancing. This will help you in protecting yourself and your friends from the virus. You might feel weird at first, but you will not find it strange if everyone around you is doing the same and are following the same protocols. 


  • Stop touching your face

Health experts suggest that you do not touch your face frequently or at all in the pandemic, but why is that so? The reason behind the same is that the coronavirus is known to spread and transmit through the mucous membrane in your mouth, nose, and eyes. If you happen to touch your face after touching the contaminated surface, the droplets of the virus can enter your body in no time. Thus, if you do not touch your face and make it a habit to wash your hands frequently you can avoid the transmission of the virus to your body through contaminated surfaces. 

  • Wash your hands frequently

There are never enough reminders for washing your hands. So, here is another reminder that you should wash your hands frequently. The best way to protect or keep yourself safe from coronavirus is that you wash your hands more frequently than ever before. This helps to prevent the droplets from a sick person or a contaminated surface from entering your body. Make sure that you wash your hands when you sneeze, touch a doorknob, or use a bathroom. Do the same after you touch any of the surfaces that could be contaminated. 

  • Learn how to sneeze with etiquette

Are you still sneezing into your hands? Gross! That has to stop in this era of COVID-19 and probably forever. The centers of disease control and prevention suggest that you should always sneeze into your elbow or tissue. Otherwise, you will be spreading the airborne particles that can move 100 miles per hour and can travel a distance of 26 feet. By sneezing with etiquette you will be helping in cutting down on the airborne transmission of the virus and also you will be able to set an example for the people in front of you. 

  • If you feel sick, make sure that you do not leave your dorm

After following all the precautions there are still chances that you still might get infected with the COVID-19 virus or you might catch the flu. In either of these cases, make sure that you do not show up in the classroom when you are feeling sick. It is not worth spreading the flu to anyone else. You can do the least by telling your teachers that you will be staying back in order to monitor and analyze your symptoms. If things happen to get worse you can get tested and look for the best options for yourself. 


These protocols are the basic norms that you can follow in order to stop the virus from spreading among others in the college. Covid-19 is scary, deadly, and contagious and we need to be careful. If everyone happens to follow the guidelines, there are chances that we could possibly stop the spread of the infection on the college campus.


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