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Tips for Parents to Help Children Prepare Well for High Stakes Tests

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Educational institutes evaluate students’ performance in studies by taking high-stakes tests. Based on high-stakes tests, they promote students to graduate-level or other admission programs. High-stakes testing also assesses the teacher’s tutoring and teaching style. So, it results in an overall improvement of educational instructions and students' performance.

High-stakes tests are standardized and measure the students' learning of the previous academic years. So, it has a vast curriculum, and students need the support of their parents and teachers to cover the whole curriculum of past academic years.

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Here are some important tips for parents that can help children to prepare for high-stakes tests.

  1. Create a motivated study space:

The environment plays a vital role in the successful accomplishment of a task. Give your child a motivated and dedicated study space that reinforces the learning process. A de-cluttered, well-organized, and clean space enhances the productivity of the learner. Provide your child with essential material like a pen, pencil, papers, a smooth writing surface, a calculator, and complete study material. Make study space comfortable and quiet that promotes learning without distraction.

  1. Monitor the performance of the child:

The basis of every curriculum is psychological. There is a link between the previous year and the current year's curriculum. So, parents should monitor their studies and ensure that learner is completing homework assignments properly.

In case a learner is facing any difficulty in understanding instructions. Then it is important to communicate with teachers. So, that they can implicate effective instruction delivering methodology for better concept formation.

  1. Time management:

A wise time management plan helps learners to distribute the right time for each subject. Students need more time to learn and understand the difficult subjects and comparatively less time for easy subjects. Time tables must include breaks at regular intervals so that learners do not feel tired. They can relax or play their favorite game at that time. Small gaps in their study rejuvenate their mind and physique.

  1. Right life style

Lifestyle has a significant impact on a child’s learning. Inculcate the good habit of waking up early in the morning. Children learn better with a fresh and relaxed mind. Make your child practice meditation before studying in the morning. Meditation enhances learning power and helps your child to concentrate better. Monitor your children’s posture while studying. Make them practice straight posture, which helps them to stay awake and the erect posture also avoids back pain. Motivate children to play outdoor games, which keep their entire physical system healthy and growing appropriately.

  1. Right eating habits:

Give children a balanced diet rich in all nutrients. Avoid giving junk and fried food. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meals help your children to stay active and fit all day long. By taking a nutritious diet they develop good physical and mental health. They should drink plenty of water instead of fizzy drinks. Appropriate dietary habits help your child to perform better in every field of life. 

  1. Explore online tutoring:

If children are struggling with learning or perceiving a concept, then switching to an online tutoring platform is worth investing in. You can get highly qualified tutors, technically attired with different teaching styles and teaching methodologies. They use various teaching tools which help your children to form better concepts and learn efficiently. Online tutoring platform delivers good flexibility to schedule your study plan. Learners can start learning what topic they want to continue.

  1. Motivation:

Nothing can beat a right encouragement. Intrinsically motivated learners can do wonders in every field of life. The confidence they gain has a positive effect on their test preparation. Tell them the significance of test-taking and how it will help them to improve their life. Online tutoring sites offer several sessions for practice and assessment. Frequent test sessions help learners to overcome the anxiety of test-taking. Moreover, regular practice helps them to perform incredibly on the tests.


These proven tips will surely help your child to perform exceptionally in high-stake tests. One needs to explore additional tutoring resources to help learners prepare well and get high grades in high-stakes exams. Vnaya is a leading online tutoring organization that provides brilliant subject experts for all subjects and all levels of learners. They deliver one-on-one tutoring to make it completely personalized for accomplished learning.


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