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Tips and Tricks to Score Well in IELTS Speaking Test

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IELTS is an essential part of checking your English skills to get admission to most of the colleges abroad. Even if someone wants to take IELTS to add it to their resume, it can be an extra point for the applicants.

Before taking the IELTS exam, one needs to know everything about IELTS whether it is about its speaking test to scoring well and tips and tricks that they can use to enhance their score and language skills. 

The most important thing that plays a key role in getting good grades is the applicants’ confidence, preparation, and spending time with an IELTS teacher online or offline. Though there are many ways in which one can prepare for the test when it comes to the speaking part, candidates are not confident enough to take the exam.

Strategies can be made with the help of an IELTS teacher online to show the examiner your confidence and good speaking skills to score above band 7. Speaking tests can help to score well as compared to the writing part. It is essential to work on speaking skills to get good scores. Here are some tips and tricks that can help the students to score more in their IELTS speaking examination:

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  • Identify The Wants Of Examiner: Impressing the examiner is most important in an IELTS exam to get a good score. Once the students recognize what is being examined by the examiner, they can get a grip of what and how they should answer the questions. Here are few things which the examiners look for in the students’ answers:

- Fluency And Coherence: Fluency is important for the examiner to check whether the students can speak English at their comfort level or not.

- Coherence is another important factor that the examiner checks to know the ability of students to connect sentences. These two factors show the comfort level of students in examinations.

- Lexical Resource or Vocabulary: Vocabulary is an important factor when you learn a new language. Expanding one's vocabulary range is important to speak comfortably. Using useful and a range of vocabulary can help the students to get more marks as the examiner gets to know about their vocabulary range.

- Grammar: Grammar is important while speaking a new language and the same goes with English too. Students can learn grammar with the help of online IELTS coaching classes where tutors will help them to understand the topics better. The examiner checks how well the students can use grammar while answering the questions. The better they speak, the better marks they can get.

- Pronunciation: Pronouncing words clearly can help anyone to understand what the other person is saying clearly. If students speak fluently but the pronunciation is wrong, the examiner can not get a hold of what they are trying to say and this will lead them to give fewer marks to the students.

  • Practice English Speaking every day: The more one practices, the more they get fluent in the language. Practice will make them perfect. Practicing the English language will help them to score well in the IELTS examinations. Here are some ways in which the students can practice English every day:

- Find A Speaking Companion: Talking with someone who can speak in English every day can help you to recognize the areas you lack.This helps the students to build more confidence for the exam. Students may take the help of online IELTS coaching classes or IELTS teachers online who can help them to build a habit of talking to them every day. This will make the preparation easier and students are less likely to get bored.

- Attend Community Events: Community events are the best places where students may practice their English speaking skills easily. This will not be only fun but also help in connecting with people sharing the same goals. This allows them to talk to people in a more meaningful way and interesting manner.

- Talk To A Mirror: Nothing can be better than helping yourself . The best way to enhance English skills is with the help of mirror talk. Stand in front of a mirror, students should try speaking to themselves and make eye contact. With the help of mirror talk, they can easily ascertain their weaknesses. Examiners tend to be more approached if students make eye contact with them and give them a generous score.

- Record Yourself: While practicing English, students should record themselves and listen to that recording after practice to find the areas they lack in and can work on it afterwards, by noting down their mistakes they found in the recording.


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