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Education is the key to unlocking the possibilities to a successful and dignified life. Fun activities and play-way method of learning is the best way to trigger child’s interest in the study. Investing in educational gifts is worth retrieving incredible results in terms of knowledge, imagination, values, and ethics. Educational gifts are best for children of age group 3 to 14 years. These are the best type of engaging tools and mind boosting tools which keep a child busy throughout the day in a progressively learning way. They learn to use cognitive, physical and language domains that enhance their creativity and imagination. They dismantle and assemble various parts of toys and learn different ways to fix them. It improves their problem-solving skills. Playful educational activities amuse children and inculcate thoughtful-provoking in them. Here is a list of the 6 best educational gifts for your kids:

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  1. Kid’s Educational Laptop with LED display

Such educational gifts are the best resources for knowledge, understanding, and skill development for a child. Kid’s laptop with LED display is a perfect educational gift for your growing baby. It is a multipurpose tool for learning. It can get the numeric, alphabets, even animals and various other things displayed on the laptop LED screen besides being able to play rhymes, phonics, and tunes. Kids love this as they find it amazing when this little toy laptop works on their command. By pressing a specific key, kids can learn about the things that start with it. They also learn to write and pronounce alphabets, numbers, and different words. Children enjoy listening to and learning rhymes. Moreover, Kids’ laptops come in attractive colors and they can explore their options.

  1. Nature’s explorer educational kit

Nature’s explorer educational kit is impressive as it encompasses various colorful tiny things and D.I.Y activities material. It engages kid’s senses and stimulates mental processes effectively. As the name suggests the box has toy trees, plants, blocks, the seeds of plants, pots, leaf puzzles, craft activity material, and jigsaw puzzles. There is a young explorer certificate to encourage kids to perform all the activities. Educational kit helps in developing logical thinking, awareness concerning the environment, sensory-motor skills, and imagination.

  1. Solar robot educational kit

The solar robot kit is a D.I.Y. solar power toy. It has a solar panel, with different parts, wires, and screws. The instruction manual shows the step-wise-step way to construct different objects, which derive power from sunlight. Kids know the entire procedure of conversion of natural sunlight to electrical energy. They feel confident and accomplished while watching their creations working and moving.

  1. Science experiment educational kit

Children can perform several experiments with this kit. Science experiment educational kit helps children from 6 to 12 years to learn basic science concepts and scientific principles. They utilize all senses while performing experiments, which results in building concepts with long-term retention of the subject matter. They learn different skills that assist them in their studies.

  1. Activity mat/brain gamer/educational toy

Brain gamer activity mat is a reusable activity mat that contains logical puzzles, innovative content patterns, and several other brain triggering activities. Children enjoy solving puzzles and different brain-teasing patterns. These fun-loving brain activities boost their mental strength and stimulate the cognitive domain. They love to solve math puzzles and riddles in a playful way and through creative activities.

  1. Coding games in Scratch

In today’s digital era, coding has become a sought-after skill. Learning coding right from the beginning is crucial to develop valuable skills to be successful in life. Coding Games in a scratch kit assists kids to design projects, build games, solve problems, and learn basic computer programs easily. Kids can create puzzles and memory games out of coding games in a scratch kit. It boosts creativity, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking in kids.


Educational games are the best educational gifts for kids. These toys and activities contribute to developing physical, cognitive, emotional, and language domains in kids. Education and development of toys improve sensory-motor skills and boost the IQ level of children. These educational gifts include mind games that challenge kids’ brains and strengthen their memory. These games help children to focus on the task and imagine different ways to conclude it strategically. Nothing can give more happiness to parents than watching their children developing progressively and productively.


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