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Prepare Your Child to Achieve Their Best Performance on the CogAT

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Tests and examinations are a common part of a student's academic life cycle. These tests are a great way to examine the skills and capabilities of a student. One of these tests is CogAT. Cognitive Abilities Test or CogAT is a test that is used to examine the reasoning abilities and critical thinking among students who exhibit high-level leadership skills.

Not all students are similar. Some might have technical skills or management skills while some might have other kinds of skills. CogAT test is for those who show good leadership and cognitive skills and can get through the test to get into different programs based on their scores. But to get through the test, a student needs to build cognitive skills and achieve good scores. Here we have listed some ways that you can help your child to prepare for CogAT and achieve remarkable scores.

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  • Identify your Child's Strength

At a young age, kids might not know what their forte is but their parents can notice it and help them determine their unique skills and interests. The same is with CogAT. Before you enroll your kids, help them to understand the skills they are good at and the skills they need to improve.

You can start by identifying their strengths in different aspects like language, science, arts, sports, or any other field. When your kid shows skill development in any of these mentioned fields, you should start helping your kids to get motivated for CogAT.

  • Understand the Concept

Before sitting for the CogAT test, the child must have an understanding of the topics included in it. You have to ensure that your child is devoting an ample amount of time to understanding the concepts in a way that could help him achieve a good score on the test.

Understanding the topic would not only help the child to do well in CogAT but will also build a strong foundation that will help for future lessons. The test has different segments and each has a different purpose so the child should be ready to resolve it all.

  • Practice Mock Tests

With numerous resources and learning material online, you can help your child get the needed help to prepare for CogAT. As your surf through the internet, you'll find multiple mock tests that can help your child to practice for CogAT. You can easily look for these mock tests and pick them according to the age and grade of your child. Your child can use these tests in an utmost way, practicing tests with multiple rounds before the child attempts the final test.

  • Make Learning Fun

Practicing for CogAT at all times can end up becoming boring and frustrating for children. You need to add a variety for them so they can be attentive for CogAT. Plan the practice schedule for your child in a way that they can find some time between learning and free time to work on something more fun and educational.

Engage your kids in educational games that can be challenging for them and solving those can even be fun. You can include math-themed games, treasure hunts based on vocabulary, and even a game of trivia. All of these games can test your kids and can even be fun. You can even keep some prizes for your kids to make these games exciting.

  • Build Your Child's Physical and Mental Health

It's also important that you engage your kids in sports and physical activities to break study sessions. During the study time, it is also important that you devote some time to physical activities that could refresh them and can help them stay healthy.

Sitting all the time preparing for CogAT might mentally exhaust your child. With your child devoting them to learning along with physical activities can help him make a balance between life and studies.

Getting through CogAT can be great for the future of your kids but to get through it, they should prepare well for the test while ensuring that they don't get caught up with studies. As a parent, help your kids to learn well for the test and also support them to lead a healthy life.


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