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Hybrid Classes: What Are the Pros and Cons?

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The recent conditions of the pandemic have made it difficult to lead our normal lives and this is where we have certainly learned to adopt a new normal to ensure we can still make these days productive. Giving specific emphasis on education, we have seen that during the pandemic, it had been difficult for the kids to continue their learning process like earlier. But with new learning methods like hybrid classes, educational institutions have made sure that the education of any child did not have to suffer.

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With hybrid classes becoming so popular these days, it is important to recognize what these classes are and their significant advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Hybrid Class?

A hybrid class can be considered as a combination of studying in person along with using a virtual learning platform to gain an education. In this type of class, a student completes a part of the academic work in person and for the rest of the parts; the student will be attending a virtual class.

What makes it different from the fully online class is that the hybrid classes require students to conduct on-campus sessions as well. In most cases, the hybrid classes tend to cover around 25-50% of the course by giving the instructions on campus.

For each school or college, the approach of following hybrid classes is different. In some cases, the school conducts hybrid classes, meeting students once per week for the session and working on the rest of the course on online classes. There can be other cases in which students meet teachers more often and cover a lesser part with online sessions. Let’s dive deeper to learn about the pros and cons of hybrid classes.

Pros of Hybrid Classes

There are many ways in which hybrid classes are proving to be beneficial for students. Here are some of the prominent advantages of hybrid classes.

  1. Increased flexibility in studying: With hybrid classes, students are getting more flexibility with their academics. Instead of attending the in-person classes daily, students can get the benefit of learning from the comfort of their home, where they are much safer considering the current circumstances.

  2. Helps with diverse learning styles: Students tend to prefer different learning styles. For some, listening to classes work well while for others being able to write the lectures proves to be fruitful. With students learning with hybrid classes, there is an added benefit of easily learning with whichever style suits a particular student.

  3. A good way to introduce kids to online classes: The internet is a whole world with a lot of knowledge. But initially, it is important to help kids understand how to use it significantly. A hybrid class is one way to introduce students to the ongoing trend of learning online, which they could further use for boosting their academic excellence.

  4. Create a sense of normalcy: With hybrid classes, students get to visit their campus and personally interact with their teachers. This keeps students in touch with their actual school lives and gives them a slight feeling of normalcy.

Cons of Hybrid Classes

While we have listed some effective pros of hybrid classes, there are some areas in which these classes might not be a good decision to go with. Here are some cons of hybrid classes.

  1. Students need strong organizational skills: Being a combination of in-person and online classes require students to manage both aspects significantly. Whether it is making notes from the online classes or attending in-person lectures, the students might get the added burden of excelling in both ways.

  2. Technological requirements: To make sure students can learn effectively from hybrid classes, it is highly necessary that all students should have a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection. Not having the basic technological requirements will restrict a student to study online.

All in all, hybrid classes are changing the educational system to ensure that the education of students is not hindered by any troublesome situation. If you are planning to get your kids started with hybrid learning, consider all the above-mentioned pros and cons to having all the knowledge you need before getting started with it.


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