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How to prepare for the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)?

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What is the Cognitive Abilities Test?


As is pretty evident from the title of the Test itself, the CogAT aims at measuring the cognitive abilities developed by students as compared to his/her fellow students by age or by grade. CogAT is a multiple-choice test and is based on the K-12 assessment system. Originally introduced in 1954 by two psychologists Irving Lorge and Robert L. Thorndike, the Cognitive Abilities Test was initially known as the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Test. The Cognitive Abilities Test was developed to measure students’ problem-solving abilities and their learned reasoning skills. It mainly measures a students’ gifted aptitude and academic abilities. The general reasoning abilities which begin at birth and continue developing through early adulthood are affected by experiences gained both at school and outside school.

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This test, usually taken in the version of CogAT FormNo.7, the test scores achieved by students are used by teachers to place them in programs for gifted children. It is a useful tool in determining whether a child can be placed into advanced educational programs or not.

Structure of the Cognitive Abilities Test

The CogAT measures these aspects in the form of batteries. In total there are 3, which are further divided into subcategories:-

  1. Verbal Battery:- Picture Analogies, Sentence Completion, and Picture Classification.
  2. Quantitative Battery:- Number Analogies, Number Puzzles, and Number Series.
  3. Non-Verbal Battery:-Figure Matrices, Paper Folding and Figure Classification.

The composite score is the total score of all three batteries.

There are two forms of the CogAT, i.e., Form 7 and 8. Form 7 is normally taken by those who are non-native English speakers. Form 7 is the most widely taken form of the CogAT because test takers have reportedly succeeded in this form as compared to other forms of the CogAT.

How to Prepare for the Cognitive Abilities Test?

Vnaya can help you build your child’s confidence by providing excellent study materials for your child’s CogAT prep. In addition to this, we suggest that as a student, you follow these guidelines for your CogAT Test:-

  1. Prepare objectively:- The CogAT can be trickier than you may think. A general understanding of test subjects will not cut it. So, students must develop a deep and thorough knowledge of the subjects.

  2. Practice worksheets:- Vnaya has curated sample worksheets for students who wish to take the CogAT test. They can be downloaded at the links below. Practice worksheets will prepare students for the real test in a practical manner as they are solely based on the layout of the test.

  3. Parents Support:- Your child can achieve great scores on this test if you positively support him/her. Help him/her with daily chores, maintain a peaceful environment at home- these are some of the many ways in which you can support your child in his/her CogAT test prep. When your child is provided with a supportive and nurturing environment, it will lead to a positive shift in your child’s mental health; which is beneficial for him/her.

  4. Devise a schedule:- Maintain and articulate a study schedule tailored to your daily routine. Make time for some physical exercise as well, so that you don’t feel burned out. It is necessary that once you have made your daily study routine, you stick to it. Follow your study schedule religiously and do not make any compromises.

  5. Get help:- If your child is struggling in grasping the subjects that form the syllabus of the test, then we urge you to invest in an expert tutor or education platform where his/her educational needs can be met. When you engage an expert tutor, you can be sure that your child is being provided with the right study material and will not falter in the end. Whenever you feel like your child may be struggling, which is natural as this test is highly competitive and difficult, we urge you to get help for your child so that his/her test prep may go over smoothly.

  6. Don’t stress:- Lastly, we advise the students who are going to take this test, to not stress or get anxious about the result. Just put your best foot forward and appear for the test.


Vnaya provides expert coaching facilities to help your child excel in the Cognitive Abilities Test. Our experienced teachers will enable your child to score high scores on the test by giving regular classes, worksheets, one-on-one counseling, and daily mock tests. Schedule a demo class with our experts now!



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