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We live in a digital age, in which technology plays an important part in almost every aspect of life. Science and technology have created an endless number of applications, software, and devices to make chores easier and everything more accessible.

Since the incorporation of technology into education, the mode of education has been constantly changing. In ancient times, students (Shishyas) lived in Gurukula (near the teacher's home), which was a teacher's (guru) home or hostel. Pupils learned in a natural way because the only mode of instruction at the time was listening. Teachers during that time, besides teaching numerous disciplines, also taught life skills and war skills based on the needs of the time.

The incorporation of technology in the form of apps, gadgets, and software in the classroom has made the teaching-learning process very effective and accessible.

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Education has become readily available due to the integration of technology. Several online tutoring websites and apps provide quick responses to students’ questions and queries. Everything regarding educational material, a question bank, practice material, homework help, educational content is available online.

Contribution of technology in enhancing education:

  • Accessibility

Because of technology, education has become more accessible. Many online tutoring services and applications respond quickly to students' questions and concerns. Everything you need to know about instructional material, including a question bank, practice materials, homework assistance, and educational content, is available on the internet.

Students can enroll in any course in the world using a capable device with internet access. The latest technology and modern gadgets have become important resources to avail education.

  • Raising education level

The use of modern technology has improved the quality of education and made it more accessible to students. This is made feasible by the Internet's global reach. Students were able to finish their courses and study despite the fact that all educational establishments were closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to improved technology in education. The emergence of online tutoring and smart classes assists students to pursue their studies in a more effective and interesting way.

  • Effective learning

The use of teaching aids such as audio-visual aids, visuals, animation, and 3D projection technology helps students learn more effectively and retain information for longer periods of time. While learning with these aids, students show a lot of enthusiasm. Students do not wait for school to start to learn and cover the syllabus; instead, they use educational apps or online tutoring platforms to learn and cover the syllabus rapidly.

  • Affordability

Modern technology that comes in the form of different devices and internet connections is highly affordable and convenient to use. Anybody can access this technology and can handle it in a user-friendly way. Online tutoring websites offer quality tutoring from the world’s best tutors at affordable prices. Students can go through any topic and concept they find difficult.

  • Time saving

Technology in education is essential for individuals who work full-time and cannot devote enough time to their studies. Students can develop new skills and enroll in any degree program or course that will help them advance in their careers.

Personalized learning

No one had ever considered the one-on-one teaching-learning notion before the tuition culture and online tutoring. Personalized learning is one of the many advantages that online tutoring platforms have to offer. Experienced tutors assess the ability of students through an assessment test. They design personalized lesson plans that fit best students learning abilities. Savvy online tutors utilize modern technology in teaching to make study content extremely easy to conceive and understand.

  • Learning anywhere anytime

Distance is never an issue with online tutoring. Students can acquire knowledge at any time and from any place. They can plan their tutoring sessions according to their needs. They can take as much time as they need to complete a topic thanks to recorded coaching sessions and videos.

Apart from tutoring and study materials, technology has numerous advantages. Students can apply for a variety of tests by filling out an application form. They can even appear for tests online and receive a legitimate certificate. Because of advancements in technology, anyone may receive an education and develop any skill. Not only do students benefit from online tutoring, but outstanding tutors also benefit from it because it allows them to improve their teaching style and tactics.


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