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Help children and teens manage their stress

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It is human nature to dwell over the past and try to find solutions for events that cannot be changed: this type of thinking results in adding to stressful feelings. Although various studies have been conducted on how to manage stress and depression, till now we cannot say that a remedy for curing stress exists. This vice exists in every human, whether that human is an adult, a child, old, or a teen. As we age, this emotion takes a new form and finds new triggers from the challenges we face in our everyday lives. As an adult you must be stressed about that new job or a promotion or as an old person you may get stressed over your deteriorating health, stress is an ever-constant companion. Even kids and teenagers are not immune from it, although they may stress over challenges that don’t seem that monumental to us, from their point of view these challenges make up for their lives in the present moment. Put together, we can all agree that anything that we have to do or that happens outside of our comfort zones threatens and stresses our peace of mind. We can’t always run away from our problems, because guess what they will be there when we return, so, sometimes the smart thing to do is to learn how to manage our stress constructively so that we benefit from the challenge.
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Contrary to what everyone may think, not all types of stressful feelings are bad. If we break down the chemistry of stress, we will find that it is nothing but nerves about the future which is coupled with thoughts of anxiety and paranoia. So, if we learn how to subtract feelings of anxiety and paranoia, the other thing,i.e Nerves are not such a bad feeling after all. Many famous artists and thinkers of our time have reiterated time and again that being nervous about their next big project gave them the extra push to follow their dreams tirelessly. Various children and teenagers are doing therapy because they are stressed about various factors. The stress faced by children and teenagers may not only be school-related, but they may also be facing issues with their peers, or they may be facing bullying at school or in their neighborhood, etc. Whatever may be the reason for your stress or depression, please know that you are not alone in this boat, Many people who were underachievers in their childhood or faced various challenges when they were teens have grown up to be people with amazing and rich futures.


Do you feel stressed about school, friends, family, or your upcoming tests? Here are a few pointers that may help you with effective management of your stressful feelings:-


  1. You are not alone:- Contrary to what you might think, realize that you are not alone. It is not only you on this earth who faced these problems, everyone has faced such challenges in their life at some point in their lives; whether you believe it or not. When you accept that you are not alone, you gain some perspective about the challenges you are facing.

  2. Talk to someone:- If you are facing any challenge in studying at school and this is affecting your productivity, go and talk to the subject teacher, they will help you. If you are facing any peer pressure at school, go and tell your guidance counselor and your parents as well, they have insight and experience to deal with these situations. Do not suffer alone! Talk to anyone you trust.

  3. Realize that your problems will not last forever:- Change is the only constant. If you are facing a stressful time in your life right now, please realize that it is not going to last forever. Your time will change, so ride through the tides and be hopeful, a better tomorrow is awaiting.

  4. Exercise regularly:- When you get up and move your body, you take your focus out of the stress and put it into something constructive. Exercise releases dopamine in your body; a feel-good hormone. Plus, a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

  5. Get a Therapist:- If parents feel that their child’s condition is worsening or he is just not getting any better despite countless efforts, consider taking your child to a licensed professional. A therapist is a licensed professional who maintains the utmost secrecy and talks to your child so that all of you can collectively arrive at a diagnosis (if any). Therapy does wonders for any category of people facing mental health issues.

  6. Do not stigmatize children for facing issues:- This is an activity that parents and teachers are guilty of doing. If your child/teen/student is facing any type of mental health issues, be their friend and listen to what he/she is stressed about. Do not shame your children for being stressed, they are doing the best they can.


We hope that these pointers help you in getting an insight that help is ready whenever needed. You do not need to feel alone. Stress is a part of everyone’s lives, it will always present itself in some form or another. We just have to get better at managing it and help those around us who are struggling to do the same.


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