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7 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language

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Talking to people in their language help to understand them better and deepens the connection. Isn’t it a great factor that shows the importance of learning a second language? Our kids learning a foreign language would achieve broader career opportunities, cross-cultural friendships, and even great travel experiences when exploring new places.

Getting kids involved in learning foreign languages is not only a fun exercise but is also educational.  It also helps in the emotional, cognitive, and social development of students. In this article, we have covered 7 reasons that will justify the importance of encouraging kids to learn foreign languages.

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  1. Higher Brain Plasticity Among Kids

Kids have a developing mind at a young age. The brains of kids tend to absorb every new information and skill they learn. As we keep growing, our minds become fewer plastics, and our ability to learn and retain new skills decreases.

The brains of kids have high plasticity, which makes it good to get kids involved in a foreign language at early stages. It will take them less time to get a grasp on different languages and retaining it will be better.

  1.  Boosts Academic Capabilities

When it is about improving academic excellence, language learning also plays an important role. Any English-speaking student learning a foreign language would make him bilingual and would also enhance his skills. It increases their academic excellence and helps them excel in the coming future. A student with knowledge and understanding of multiple languages would get numerous growth opportunities ahead in the future.

  1. Learning New Languages can be a healthy hobby

Children are active and always prefer to be involved in new and interesting activities. It is important to keep some time separate from studies for kids to work on some brain-developing hobby. Learning foreign languages can be one of such hobbies.

Ensure that learning a new language does not feel like studying for kids. They should feel it is interesting and should be willing to work on it. Learning a new language is a way of discovering a new universe for kids. It is a great exercise for their brains and can make them sharp and attentive.

  1. Broader Access to Education and Information

If you have an understanding of another language, you can even step up to get a degree in another country to excel in academics and get better job opportunities. If nothing else, it could be a great experience to get an educational qualification from abroad.

Also, the person who can only speak English would not be able to access any information or news of any other language. Thus, students with knowledge of multiple languages would have easier access to global information.

  1. More Social Skills

Students who know only English would miss out on properly communicating with other friends and colleagues of different mother tongues. Kids who have learned foreign languages in their childhood would develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures.

Language is an important part of the cultural heritage of countries. A person who comprehends different languages would be more inclined to connect with other people from different nations, which can help to bring two cultures and communities closer.

  1. More Career Advantages

Students who know more foreign languages would be open to more job opportunities worldwide. Although not all countries demand knowing a second language, it will always be a plus point to be equipped with the native language of the country other than English, and would also make it easier for students to get along well with other residents of the new country.

  1. Adapt Multi-Cultural Environment

Countries have adopted a diverse environment, with people having awareness and respect for other cultures. A kid having an understanding of foreign languages would have the understanding of respecting other cultures and happily living in a place with people belonging to diverse cultures. It is good to teach kids the importance of respecting all cultures and teaching them foreign languages can be a good start.


It’s always great to get kids involved in such activities that will increase their skills and capabilities of achieving more in the coming future. Learning foreign languages is one way to exercise their brains and to get them interested in knowing more about other cultures too. Don’t let your kids miss out on any opportunity for growth, and encourage them into learning new languages and other activities that will be beneficial for their future.


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