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Assessment tests evaluate the level of learning ability, logical thinking reasoning, understanding, and knowledge of students. These tests are important to evaluate that how effectively teaching-learning processes are achieving academic goals. Assessments are vital in figuring out learning issues and in improving instructional techniques. It is a key component to promote better learning in students.

Numerous universities and colleges in different countries of the world conduct standardized assessment tests for the admission of students. These tests measure the learning ability, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and all other skills related to academics. It helps to assess whether the student can pursue higher studies or can take admission in the desired stream or not.

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GRE and LSAT are assessment tests that assist examination committees and educational institutes to select students for graduate programs. Here are key differences between GRE and LSAT:

  • Types of standardized tests:

GRE is a graduate record examination test that students take to get admission in graduate programs. GRE score allows students to take admission in graduate programs like - Engineering, Science, Business Management, and Law among others.

LSAT is Law School Admission Test, that allows applicants to pursue further study in graduate law programs. LSAT test motives at evaluating the essential skills of students that help them to take admission in law school.

  • Assessment of skills:

Educational institutes in several countries conduct GRE tests to assess quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical writing, decision making, and problem-solving skills of candidates. Examination taking committees and educational institutes also check the knowledge of students in English, Math, Science subjects.

LSAT test assesses the skills such as reading, comprehension, writing, and reasoning, required to pursue study in business streams. The main focus of the test is to select the students based on reading comprehension and reasoning proficiency.

  • Subjects of test:

The GRE test includes math, vocabulary, data analysis, and quantitative questions. This test determines the comprehension skill of students. Students have to analyze the written content and draw an inference by using logic and reasoning skills. It is the more precise way to judge students’ ability, knowledge, and critical thinking.

Quantitative comparison questions contain two variables, shapes, equations, or numerals. Students have to identify the relationship between these quantities and accordingly answer the questions. GRE test includes a tough vocabulary test for evaluating English language skills.

The LSAT consists of a logical game section that differs from another standardized test. Students have to answer logical and hypothetical situation-based questions. Questions based on analytical and deductive reasoning allow the test checkers to judge the understanding of structural relationships.

  • Frequency of test-taking:

Students can appear in the GRE test on the preferred date by test takers. They can administer the test more frequently, up to 5 times a year.

Students have a specific period to appear on the LSAT test- 3 times a year. However, test-taker committees have decided to increase the number of LSAT tests.

  • Nature of test:

GRE test is general as it opens the door for diverse academic fields. So, the GRE test includes various subjects and topics to analyze the different skills of students.

LSAT is a specific test that has the design correspondent to Law school applicants. It measures students’ abilities and skills suited to a legal career.

  • Test version:

GRE is a personalized test in computer-adaptive version, in this test specific skills of the students are evaluated. There are multiple personalized components in the test.

LSAT is a non-personalized test. It evaluates the common skill required to pursue law study.

  • Report submission:

In the GRE test, there is a separate provision of submission of total scores and writing samples. Students need to submit GRE scores separately. Minority JD accepts the GRE score for admission in graduate programs. Some institutions prefer outstanding GRE scores for law graduate programs. They do not need to conduct LSAT exams separately for these students.

In LSAT law school report includes the test score in LSAT with writing samples also. Law schools keep this record of students’ performance. All the law schools in America accept LSAT scores for the admission of applicants.

These are the seven differences between the GRE test and the LSAT test.


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