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5 Effective Ways To Help Your Kids Learn a Foreign Language Online

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In a fast-moving world like ours, multilingualism has become a useful real-world skill. Knowing multiple languages can be highly beneficial for one's financial and social sphere. And languages are best learned in the foundation years of a student’s life because their clay-like minds can be molded into multiple forms and shapes. Teaching them foreign languages from the very beginning can be considered a step towards building a successful present and future for them.

However, what if the parents are not multilingual, or do not have access to teachers/classes that can help their kids?

The solution to all your problems is the Internet.  With various schools and institutes teaching their courses online, you can also register your kids for these online courses to help them learn foreign languages. But since it’ll be completely new territory for your kid, here’s how you can help them learn a foreign language online.

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A Guide to help your kids learn Foreign languages Online

Being their first teacher, you must be a part of your kid's journey of learning a language. Making them join an online course will not alone do the trick, as there are several other things to look into. As a parent and mentor, you play a crucial role in enhancing the online learning of your kids. By taking the below-mentioned steps, you can ensure that your child gets the best outcomes from online courses.

  1. Make them familiar with the importance of learning foreign languages.

Kids might not understand the importance of being multilingual and how it can help them in their career and social life. But as parents, it is your responsibility to make them aware of the benefits. The easiest and most suitable way is to start by letting them know the benefits foreign languages can offer them in their present life, as being multilingual can make them evolve into better readers and writers. You can also tell them that knowing international languages will benefit them while traveling as well. That will surely excite them. Knowing its value will help you encourage and keep them motivated to learn.

  1. Opt for a suitable online learning platform

Each kid is unique and has different requirements. Before subscribing or enrolling your young one in any course, you must entirely analyze their needs. You can find various online language learning platforms, but not all of them are suitable for your kids. While opting for the right one for them, you must ensure that it fulfills all your needs. For example, you must make sure that the language courses offered by the platform interest your child. Several platforms offer courses based on the level of a kid's prior learning. Therefore, you must select the most suitable one based on their former knowledge of the language, and if your kid is new to it, you can always start with the basics.

  1. Never miss out on the opportunities to make them practice

If you know the language your kid is learning, you can always make them practice it by using it in your daily conversations. For those who do not know it, there are numerous other ways to make them practice it. The best way is to encourage them to share their knowledge with their friends, classmates, and family. It will not only help them practice but will also build up their confidence to use the language. Ask them to teach you - kids love a role reversal like this!

  1. Make their learning process fascinating


To make their learning and practice fun, you can find movies and TV shows with/without subtitles in their native language. Remember to make a list of movies and series which might interest your kids. This way, they can learn and practice along with entertainment. You can also encourage them to play language games with their friends and incorporate other fun training methods.

  1. Encourage cultural learning

An ideal language learning plan should include the incorporation of cultural values along with learning the language. Getting to know various cultures, customs, history, cuisine, art, and music will make them curious to learn different languages. You can also take them on field trips to relevant restaurants and museums to help them understand the culture better.

Summing Up


Learning a foreign language does not have to be a task for your kids, instead should be a fun exercise. You do not have to necessarily make them sit and rot their notes, but try out different ways to enjoy learning. Since this is an extra skill that you want your kids to gain, erase the pressure of excelling at it. Once your kids enjoy taking their online classes, you wouldn’t even realize the time when they’ll get fluent with the language.


The trick is not to make them feel burdened with another subject in their timetable but to add a fun hobby to their schedule that will help them order their favorite burger in German, French, Italian, or even Spanish.


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