Evana, (Mother of Sarrinah)

"It's a great coaching center and I really appreciate, that their ability because they categorize their children's capability and as a mother of a special child, how Vnaya has taught Sarrinah, we are really proud of her and grateful to Vnaya. Couple of teachers Sarrinah came across, and one of them is Mannat and we really like her. Its not easy to teach a special child and I really appreciate your patience with Sarrinah. Whenever I call Vnaya, they are always available and their customer service is really great, really appreciate it and so far everything is positive and I really wish to continue with Vnaya for Sarrinah"

Abhishek Sharma

Few months ago we were referred to Vnaya by our family friends in NZ and after a bit of research we decided to enroll our kids with Vnaya instead of Kumon or any other learning provider. We have certainly made the right decision in choosing Vnaya and are pleased to share that Vnaya classes have proven to be a great online learning platform for our kids which in effect reflects on their School report cards, especially when we have recently moved from NZ to AU and the online classes are relevant to our kids school curriculum/syllabus.

Raj Jayakumar

Vnaya has no doubt been the best decision. My son was able to easily grasp the basics and is doing well in school. His maths skills have exponentially improved and as parents I’m very confident that he is getting good support and tutoring from vnaya. The tutors cater to my son’s needs and are very patient in making him understand the concept. Excellent tutors and even support staff are extremely helpful.


Both my sons have been with Vnaya for the last 3 years doing online tutoring and still continuing at present and I must say that it has really helped them with their studies. The great thing about Vnaya is that it's flexible to where you are, it fulfills your needs and it sets a good discipline in place. I recommended it to my own family and friends and they also joined and found it really helpful. Thank you kindly.


“Noor Gumman A renowned and Trustworthy name. A friend of mine has introduced me for online Tutoring VNAYa in New Zealand. I was reluctant to join but when my Kids took a demo they were impressed with Tutors and their Style of Teaching which was soothing to New Zealand pattern of Education. My Kids are on top notch in their class in Maths Science and English after 6 months of joining. The best thing is that different well educated polite Tutors were able to pump in motivation in the Subjects to my Kids. I am indebted to my Friend Mubin Shaikh of New Zealand who introduced us after he joined up for his two Kids.”

Micheal Sivakumar

To Whom It May Concern:  “Vnaya has been a good source of education for my child with qualified tutors offering various classes; my child is a junior and has been taking Science, Biology, Computer Science and Math from Vnaya for the past 2+ Yrs, and it really had an impact on my child’s understanding of the subjects and the grades. The manager at Vnaya, Noor Ghumman, really understood the needs, and has been providing a very good service through her staffs to meet my child’s requirements. I can also see that they had been continuously improving their processes and figuring out ways to better serve the students.” Sincerely Michael Sivakumar Los Angeles, USA  


Vnaya has helped my daughter( Atarah) to excel in Math, and has increased her overall confidence in problem solving. I strongly recommend this program.

Mamta Agarwal

"Happiness is watching your kids having fun while developing key skills for their future." I would like to emphasise my gratitude to entire Vnaya Team and just want to say thank you for the big improvements my son has made this year in your care. My son enjoys session with Tiana and Ron so much that he does not want to miss a session and is always keen to go.


My son happen to be having a lots of problems with his maths homework. I have already tried and give an up on several different online coaching services, tutors, in homes you name it, I tried it all but things were not working, but then i came across Vnaya.

Mr. & Mrs. Mehrok

We have a great experience with Vnaya Education. Being a parent I was so much worried about my kids' education, then we came to know about Vnaya. Since the day my kids started Vnaya, I have seen a vast improvement in their grades. Regular classes help them a lot. Vnaya's tutor are highly professionals and always ready to help, their coordinators especially "Harry "always helped us in all circumstances. Even teachers like "Shelby & Pearl" are so good that my kids always look forward to have a session with them. I really thank Vnaya team for everything!


Thanks Vnaya for helping me ace my SAT I loved that I could get somebody to help me out of tricky situation anytime day or night. I feel really confident after taking sessions from Vnaya. They are specially trained and well qualified tutors for functions , trigonometric functions and their application.


I noticed that he was beginning to struggled with some concepts in maths. Everything builds up as per maths basic so really wanted him to grow confident and comfortable and look forward to his maths classes so I began looking around on personal online tutoring and found Vnaya.

Shandiya Raj

Since krishneel started having the tuition from Vnaya, he has gradually improved alot academically and socially. His personal confidence level has improved alot too. He is becomming more passionate towards studies. He does his homework himself and his creativity and imaginative skills has also improved alot. Krishneel has overall changed alot since we joined Vnaya and myself and my husband are very grateful to Vnaya.  Really hearty thanks and appreciated what tutors of Vnaya has brought into my son' s life.


Vnaya contributes in a students learning massively. It is great! You will see improvements in your learning and grades. I would strongly recommend Vnaya to all students. It is really helpful and you should give it a try.


This website and organisation helped me a lot would recommend if u get stuck doing homework.

Anmol Pandey

Vnaya seems very helpful to me as it helps me in improving my grades.Whatever problems i am having in any subjects their tutors really helped me in solving that problem.Tutors are really qualified and are available 27/7.I am thankful to Vnaya and now i will recommend it to my friends also.

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