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Calculus is one of the subjects, with which students have a love/hate relationship. On one side calculus shows the beauty of math while on the other side it represents the agony of math too. But the students must try and ace calculus as it is an important topic to accelerate scores. Though we can call the concepts of calculus to be brain-bending, students should have to look for ways through which they can work on this tricky subject, understand it and score well in the exams too.

Calculus is that branch of mathematics which consists of derivatives, limits, functions, and integrals. Due to which we can surely call it a difficult one to deal with. Calculus is a major part of mathematics and there’s no denying the fact that students consider it as the hardest part of mathematics too due to which most of the students struggle a lot to deal with it and understand it. But calculus can be eased out if the students know the right way to work around it. Mentioned below are some steps which if effectively followed, can help in getting through calculus and allowing the students to score well in it:

Step 1 Begin with Other Basic Parts of Mathematics

Calculus can be considered as that field of math which is further linked to various other mathematical aspects that the students should definitely work on before trying to understand calculus. These basic parts are:

  • Algebra: Lean all the algebra properties and get clear with the understanding of sets and groups.
  • Arithmetic: You should be good at the basic arithmetic and should master all the operations before seeking to understand calculus.
  • Geometry: Have the knowledge about all the shapes and the properties relayed to it.

Step 2 Know the Parts of Calculus

Be clear with the fact that the study of calculus is divided into two parts which are differential calculus and integral calculus. Calculus can be stated as the study of change, accumulation, and rate of change. Rate of change can be considered as the derivative while the accumulation can be considered as integral. Calculus is related majorly on rate thus you need to work on learning the time vs. velocity, rate of change time vs. distance, etc.

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Step 3 Learn Calculus Formulae

The derivatives and integrals which form the calculus have some basic formula which you need to learn before getting started on calculus problem-solving. You should work on understanding those formulae by going through the proof through which the formula has been obtained. Don’t try to memorize the formula but try to understand it by going through the proof.

Step 4 Know the Concept of Limits

For the evaluation of a complex function, it is important to break that complex function into small pieces with the help of limits. You have to solve all the broken parts of the complex function and then sum it together. This is how solving a complex function would become easy. This is the importance of limits here, making it highly important to understand it.

Step 5 Understand the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

When it is about understanding calculus, there’s no way you can skip studying the fundamental theorem related to it. It is the fundamental theorem that helps the students in obtaining an understanding of the integration and differentiation. The theorem helps them in understanding how the integration and differentiation tend to be the inverse of each other.

Step 6 Practice More and More Calculus Problems

After you are done with understanding the formulae and theorem, it is high time for you to begin practicing on the problem. For beginning your practice, you can start with the derivatives problems. When you get hands-on practice on these problems, you can further move to the integral problems. If you actually want to be good at calculus, it is important to practice as many problems as you can in a day. It is very important to keep some questions for practice daily so that you can stay connected to the subject every day. Even if you are stuck at a problem, discuss it with your teachers or your peers to get the answer to it so that you can proceed further.

Step 7 Ask your Doubts

When you are in your learning process, it is too common to have doubts related to calculus formulae, theorem, or the problems. Don’t hesitate in asking questions to your teachers about it. Asking questions is a part of the learning too through which you get the questions in your mind clear to sort more clarity of the subject. Your teachers are always open to your questions and would always be more than happy to solve them. Along with this, you can also consider connecting with an online tutoring service for calculus through which you can keep learning calculus through expert tutors at any time and at any place.

Step 8 Check Your Concepts Again

Even when you are done with the learning process of calculus concepts, it is important to have scope for improvement. You can consider double-checking your concepts, in order to realize whether you actually understand it properly or not. If you have understood the concepts and problems then it is good but if you have not then always chose to address your doubts with your teachers and get answers to your question. Getting the doubts cleared will help you understand the subject in a better way and this in turn would give you more command on calculus.

The difficulty level of calculus doesn’t hide away the fact that it can be considered one of the most important parts of mathematics. If you are struggling with calculus, keep following this 8-steps process from the start and surely you will be able to understand the concepts and theorems related to calculus in a better light by applying yourself in the right direction to achieve the desired results.


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